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Welcome to UPPA!

We are pleased to meet you on the official site of UPPA WINERY! Our winery is a small enterprise forming а close family and a business team.

In our work we use exclusive methods of winemaking and vine-growing which combine respect for nature and attention to detail. Our wines represent true expression of the unique Sevastopol terroir.

UPPA WINERY unveils the character of Crimean wine in perception of wine lovers.

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The Terroir

Our history

The enterprise UPPA WINERY was founded in 2008 by Pavel Shvets, the man who is really fond of wine and loves his native land. The winemaker was born and grew up in Sevastopol city, then studied in St. Petersburg city and Moscow city. In 1996 Pavel started his working carrier as a wine steward, so, he was among the first who mastered this profession in Russia. In 2000 he was declared “The best wine steward” of the country. On his return from the capital the winemaker laid out his first vineyard in his native Sevastopol city. The basic philosophy of Pavel Shvets is terroir characteristics and uniqueness in every bottle.

UPPA WINERY is the only Russian winery that produces biodynamic wine. “UPPA” translated from Tatar means “Mother”. At the same time this is the name of a small river flowing nearby Rodnoye village where the wine estate is situated. Because of the unique character of Sevastopol terroir and climatic distinctions of Uppinskaya kotlovina (Russian term for Uppa hollow) our wines have truly special qualities which clearly distinguish them among the others.

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